Where can I buy DABS gloves? 

You can buy them here


When should I wear DABS gloves and when should they be removed? 

We would recommend wearing DABS in any public spacewhen leaving the house or coming into contact with anyone outside your household – stay safe and look good. 


Are DABS gloves better then Nitrile gloves or rubber gloves? 

  1. Yes, far better. How dare you even compare them. Why?  
  2. DABS are made from recycled materials and are meant for long term use, so they’re far more sustainable. Nitrile & rubber gloves are normally disposed of after a single use, contributing to pollution that is already poisoning ecosystems globally.  
  3. DABS are breathable, where Nitrile and Rubber gloves cause your hands to sweat (and smell). As an added bonus the Odor Crunch treatment on DABS prevents smells. 
  4. DABS gloves also have a non-slip grip (so you don’t drop your phone) and they’re screen compatible (so you can use that phone) - Nitrile gloves and rubber gloves do not have this feature. 
  5. Nitrile gloves and rubber gloves can also cause allergic reactions to certain skin types. DABS gloves are suitable for all skin types, in addition to being very comfortable. 
  6. DABS also look good. Really good. Other gloves do not.  


When will gloves come back in style? 

Don’t follow. Be a trend setter. 


Can DABS gloves be washed? 

Yes, DABS are designed with re-usability in mind. It is recommended that you wipe down the gloves with a wet cloth to remove any dirt when necessary.  However regular washing is not required as DABS gloves are treated with Odor Crunch that prevented unwanted smells, and Viral-off that prevents bacteria and any viruses (such as covid-19) from living on the gloves. 

DABS gloves can be machine washed, but you may want to keep this to a minimum to reduce water usage, prevent the release of microplastics into the water supply. DABS remain 96% effective after 15 washes.


Are DABS gloves PPE? 

No - If you are working in an industry such as healthcare where PPE is needed please contact a medical product retailer. DABS gloves are a fashion item with a protective treatment, but are not PPE as certified by any government standard. We do not make any health claims. 


Can DABS gloves cause eczema or other allergies? 

DABS are not made from Rubber or latex, so DABS are a good alternative for those who suffer from allergies to those materials. DABS are made from recycled polyester, which rarely cause allergic reactions. However if you think you may suffer from polyester related textile dermatitis you should consult with your doctor before using DABS 


Can DABS gloves be washed with hand sanitizer? 

Washing DABS gloves with hand sanitizer is not necessary. DABS are treated with Viral Off technology the gloves are already protected from bacteria and viruses. 


Can DABS gloves be recycled? 

Yes, the recycled polyester in the gloves can be recycled again. However if the gloves are in good condition please reach out to us and we’ll take them off your hands (excuse the pun). 



What if I want to buy for my staff or for my company? 

Our B2B website is where you can request a custom quote for your business needs.


What if I want to buy in bulk?

Our B2B website is where you can request a custom quote for bulk orders.


How and where are DABS gloves made/manufactured? 

They are designed in Hartlepool, the jewel of North East England. The chosen fabric is sprayed with Polygiene products (to give it the Odor-crunch and Viral-off properties), then cut by laser machine into pattern pieces, before being hand made by well-loved workers in China into glove shapes graded on scale plates. 


How are DABS gloves sterlised? 

The material that makes up DABS gloves are treated with Viral-off from Polygiene (see here for more) that prevents bacteria and any viruses (such as covid-19) from living on the gloves. 


Are DABS gloves made ethically? 

Yes. Our factory in China is a global manufacturer of gloves, vetted to a high standard who we are proud to work with. 


Are DABS gloves VAT/Sales tax exempt? 

Please check your national policy on VAT/Sales tax exemption for information on this. 


Are DABS gloves warmer than mittens? 

Depends on the mittens. DABS do keep your hands warm, but mittens will probably do a better job. However if it is really cold you can wear your DABS under your mittens, for extra protection. 


Can DABS gloves leave fingerprints? 

Why? What are you up to? 


Can DABS gloves be used as condoms? 

No. Please, no. Really, go get a condom. They give them away for free.